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As the February 25th primary approaches this coming Tuesday, 2 City Commission seats currently held by Steve DeFever, and Dale Wilkens will be up for election, both have indicated that they will not seek another term.

****This Tuesday, February 25th, you will be asked to choose 2 or fewer candidates from a field of 7 that are seeking seats on the City Commission. To insure the chances of your candidate getting the needed votes in order to move on to the General Election on April 1st, You may choose to Vote for ONLY 1 candidate, but whatever you decide, Please do show up at the polls, and Vote! Thank You! ****


On February 25th 2003, you will be asked to choose from a list of 7 candidates, to fill 2 seats on the City Commission.

This Primary Election will narrow the field of Candidates to 4, and then in the General Election on April 1st 2003, you will again be asked to vote for those that you want to be your City Commissioner.

If You elect me as YOUR Commissioner, I promise that I will work hard for you, and will be available to listen to what you have to say.

My telephone number is: 331-4518, and my e-mail address is: .

Together, we can make a difference.

Everyone's vote counts, Everyone's voice deserves to be heard!

Hello, My name is Charley Hixon, and I am a candidate for City Commissioner for the City of Independence, Kansas.

I established residency in Independence, Kansas in February of 1982, and have lived, and worked in the community ever since.

I am the Proud father of 2 Wonderful Children, Heather Hixon 24, and Ryan Hixon 21, and the Proud Grandfather of 1 year old Jasmine, all of Independence.

I am an Independent Contractor, and also a Firefighter/EMT with the Montgomery County Rural Fire District 1 - Independence Division, and have been a member for the past 14 years, I serve on the Board of the Montgomery County Firefighter's Relief Association, and also serve on the Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Rural Fire District 1, and have held the office of Board Secretary for the past 5 years, and was elected to a sixth term on the Fire Board in November of 2002.

I am a past President of the Independence Lions Club, serving 1993-1994, and a past Christmas Light Chairman for the Main Street Project.

Although I made an unsuccessful bid for City Commissioner 2 years ago, I filed again for the office of City Commissioner, because of a strong background in public service, and a continuing desire to help make a positive difference in our Community.

Some of the areas that intend to focus on, should I be elected, are: Zoning, Growth, Development, and Public Safety.

Another issue that I will address, is the current Zoning regulations that have been put into place that hamper economic growth and development of future business that want to locate in Independence. Deliberate sabotage of zoning regulations in order to protect our downtown business structure, is not the answer. As your Commissioner, I will work to remove those barriers, and to attract new business to Independence. New businesses mean new jobs, new jobs mean new residents, and new residents mean increased shopping, housing, and all around economic improvement for the entire City, both downtown, and beyond.


I do want to Clarify: I think that Independence has one of the most attractive and prosperous downtown areas in the state, and I too want to see it continue to grow and be successful, but also the downtown area is not an island, and is only a part of the City. We have businesses North, South, East.. and yes West, and all businesses must be treated in an equitable manner, and allowed to expand, and branch out, regardless of which area of the city it is in. The more choices of businesses there are, and those future businesses that choose to locate in Independence will determine how many people Shop at home, rather than to travel to Bartlesville, Joplin, or Tulsa. Common sense says that everyone benefits when its residents spend their money at home rather than out of town.

Please let me say again, Downtown is vital to our city's economy and structure, but it is not an island, and mutual attention should be given to ALL businesses in Independence.

Click here to see Ordinance 3838

Public Safety is an issue that is very important for all citizens. I have been involved in emergency services in Montgomery County since 1989, and feel that I have a good deal of first hand experence in the needs of the various departments, and will make issues of public safety: Police, Fire and EMS one of my priorities as your Commissioner.

I am NOT bound, or swayed by any special interest groups, and if elected, will work hard to remove the keys to the City of Independence from a choice few, and return them to their rightful owners, which is the entire Citizen population of the City of Independence.

I am not out to represent just the "Who's Who" of Independence, but rather to serve the "Who Matters" in Independence, and that is EVERYONE!

I believe EVERYONE has a right to voice their ideas, a right to be heard, and to have a Commissioner that will take those voices to City Hall, and to make sure that they are heard.

If elected, I will be that Commissioner, and would appreciate your Vote of Confidence on February 25th.!

Click here to View my Letter to the public "Forum" that the Editor of the Independence Reporter Refused to print

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******Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!***********Please Register, And Vote!!*****

Political adv. provided by the candidate, Charley Hixon

Copyright 2003 - Elect Charley Hixon - Independence City Commission