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What were they Thinking?

This is Ordinance No. 3838.

This is the Ordinance that was passed by a past Commission in 2000, (Commissioners Scott Smith, and Steve DeFever voted FOR this ordinance, Commissioner Dale Wilkens voted AGAINST it.) this ordinance basicly restricts any new businesses from locating on West Main unless they are a minimum of 7000 sq ft.

This ordinance, while obviously put into place strictly for the purpose of preserving the downtown business structure, has all but ended future economic growth and development in Independence.

This ordinance needs to be amended, or repealed, to allow new business to locate in our city, if not, I would recommend an addition to our Welcome signs at the entrances to the city to read: "Welcome to Independence, Born 1870, Died 2000"

I promise that I will work hard for you, and will be available to listen to what you have to say, My telephone number is: 332-9440, and my e-mail address is: Together, we can make a difference, All it takes to begin working for a Positive Change is to check my name on the ballot.

Everyone's vote counts, Everyone's voice deserves to be heard.

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