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My Family

The following is a bit of information about my Family


I have 2 children, a daughter Heather 24, a son Ryan 21, and a Grandaughter Jasmine 1yr.old.

Heather and Ryan live in Independence, and attended Independence Public Schools. My Grandaughter is 1yr. old her name is Jasmine also of Independence. Heather and Ryan are two of the most finest individual, independent thinking, hard working, strong willed people that you will ever meet, and I am Proud to be their Father. Jasmine is the Apple of her Grandpa's eye and any accucsations of someone spoiling her rotten point to me.

As Heather and Ryan were growing up, some things that I stressed to them was to never be afraid to voice their opinion, always stand up for what they believe in, and to not back down and give up in defeat if they encounter a road block, but rather to work to remove that road block if it stands between you and what you believe to be right.


My Parents, Charley Hixon Jr, And Dora Mae (Ragan) Steele were married in 1947 in Neodesha, Kansas.

There are 4 children, Lois Steele, Terry Steele, Linda (Hixon) Croughn, and myself, Charley Hixon III.

Mom and Dad lived in Neodesha from 1947 until 1970.

Dad was born in rural Altoona Kansas in 1921 to Charley Hixon Sr., and Nora (Hight) Hixon, and helped work the family farm until enlisting in the Army Air Corps during World War 2, and served as a radio operator, and also was trained as a Pilot, and served overseas in India, and the Philipines, until he was Honorably Discharged with the rank of Seargent at the end of the war. He was later employed by Standard Oil Refinery, also known as Amoco Oil.

Mom was born in Cherryvale Kansas in 1922 to Charlie Ragan, and Dora E. (Taylor) Ragan and attended public schools there, and was later employed as a receptionist for Dr. Frank A. Moorehead of Neodesha, and also a Pharmacist's Assistant for Ritner Eaton. One bit of interesting information about Mom is that she is the 1st cousin to Television's Vivian Vance,(Ethel Mertz) of the "I Love Lucy" show.

The Closing of the refinery in 1970 led to a transfer to Illinois to another refinery, until 1981, when they retired.

After retiring, Mom and Dad moved back to Kansas, and bought a home in Independence.

Dad and I later opened a small engine repair shop in his garage, and Mom was involved in Women's league bowling in Independence.

Dad passed away in 1988, and Mom joined him in Heaven in 1998. They both loved Independence, and chose to spend their final years here, and also chose Mt.Hope in Independence as their final resting place.

~I Love and Miss them both very much.~

No son could ever have had 2 finer Parents than Charley and Dora Mae Hixon.


I am also blessed to have such a wonderful extended Family, my Brothers and Sisters in Firefighting, Bill, Randy, Matt, Phillip, Andrew, Bill, Gina, Sarah, Herb, Doyle, Shawn, Charlie, Kennen, Clarence, Larry, Chris, and Harry, you all have a special place in my heart, and I am both honored, and humbled, to be able to serve with you.

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Information Provided by Charley Hixon, Candidate for Independence City Commission