Dear Independence Voter,

First off, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the 124 voters that cast their vote for me on February 27th.

Many factors determined the outcome of the primary election on February 27th, one very important one was the weather, which as you remember, was bitterly cold, icy, and rainy, which kept a lot of the voters from turning out.

The voters that did turn out were from predominate areas that downtown business owners reside, which for them, they were able to cast their votes for the 2 candidates that by their backgrounds, appear to lean towards keeping our city government running "status quo", as if there needs to be no changes made to our present Commission.

From the results of the Primary, 4 candidates move on to the general election on April 3rd, 2001, One interesting point, that wasnt emphasized in the Independence Reporter after the primary was, over 1,200 voters chose to vote for other candidates on the ballot, the total votes for the 2 leading vote getters were: Dale Bunn - 614, and Steve DeFever - 578.

The Primary election of February 27th listed 9, count em, nine candidates... I was the first candidate to file for City Commission in the February primary, and I did so recognizing that the present Commission was not looking out for the best interests of all residents, but too often voting for issues that were self-serving, and affected only a choice few. Days later several other candidates filed to run also, while the others that filed, did so for similar reasons, what ended up happening was, it divided the vote in so many different directions, that none of the candidates really had a chance to defeat the "status quo" candidates....

I cannot with good conscience stand by, and watch as these 2 "status quo" candidates are elected, and further cripple our economic future without stepping back up to the plate swinging.

Today, March 5th, 2001 I again declare my candidacy, as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for Independence City Commissioner.

Historically Write-In candidates have not fared well in a general election in Montgomery County, Ks., however, never has there been more of a need for a candidate that WILL bring a POSITIVE CHANGE to our city government.

So, again, I ask for your confidence, and support, as I embark on this difficult challenge to bring about a POSITIVE CHANGE to YOUR city government.

One thing, that most voters are not aware of is that while the Independence Reporter printed a warm letter of support from former Senator Tim Emmert for Dale Bunn, the Reporter refused to print a warm and loving letter of support from my children, Heather, and Ryan Hixon to see that letter, CLICK HERE .

Please check out my links below to learn more about me, my family, and what I plan to do if elected to the City Commission, I will be constantly updating this website as new developments occur.

Again, My heartfelt Thanks to you, and I would appreciate your support in this last chance attempt to make your city government better through bringing "POSITIVE CHANGE"

Charley Hixon, Write-In Candidate for Independence City Commission.

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